domingo, 4 de enero de 2009


I have been receiving very good response about Zeitgeist, not about the post below, but about a mail I sent spreading information about the film and the web address where you can watch it ( Most of the people who have seen it have liked it. Then people will begin to talk among them, comment on the film and discuss about it... what's next? To act.

The time is now. People is sick of lies, at least the people that know they are swallowing lies. Who should serve whom?? Do we choose who is going to govern us or who is going to work for our wellbeing?? We are tired of being puppets, numbers, documents. We want to be a voice, a face, a mind, not just a stupid vote. You may laught about people you find and tell you that government controls us; their only difference with MLK, Mandela, César Chavez, Guevara, Gandhi, etc, etc, is that they did something about that and not only staid at a park screaming it. Believe in the future, believe in you, believe that a change is possible; not a change about a different face on the chair, not a simple change like Obama replacing Bush. Believe in the real change; in us being equal, being able to govern our own destiny, not being attached to a economy desires handled by very few people.

Aren't you sick of believe in bullshit?

Your government kills their own people. You are a number for them, nothing else. Understand that. Image how important are for them people from other countries or from the third world. Shit.

The time is now. They have no idea of our power. Do you?


The Beatles - Revolution

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